Join Kinvig Geoscience on a guided tour around an active volcano!

Volcanoes represent one of the most impressive and exciting natural phenomenon in the world.

Join us on one our guided tours, to find out more about how these incredible volcanoes have evolved, why some volcanoes go boom and others just rumble, and how we recognise these features in the field.

Visit an active volcano and have an unforgettable adventure with Kinvig Geoscience!

Kinvig Geoscience can provide you with the chance to truly get up close and personal with volcanoes. On many of our tours you can even have a chance to measure their active features for yourself!

Led by an experienced, professional volcanologist with extensive subject and local knowledge, our fun educational trips offer an exciting and unique holiday experience.


We focus on small groups, and offer both day trips and longer residential tours.

Our trips are carefully prepared to provide a quality service, and cater for all ages and abilities. Whether you have no previous knowledge of geology or you hold a university-level background, our tours are designed to appeal and be enjoyable to everyone, and offer an unforgettable experience.


As well as learning about volcanoes, our trips will provide you with a taste of the rich cultural and historical appeal of your destination. Depending on the tour you chose, we also include visits to ancient castle ruins, monasteries and museums.