Welcome to Kinvig Geoscience!


We are a UK-based independent company, with vast experience in geo-tourism, education, volcanology, geological fieldwork and fieldtrips, outdoor activities, public outreach, scientific research and industry applications.


Kinvig Geoscience aims to inspire as well as educate. Our enthusiasm is unrivalled, and our goal is to create accessible, memorable opportunities and experiences for everyone with an interest in geology and volcanoes.


Kinvig Geoscience is headed by Dr Helen Kinvig, an experienced and fully-qualified, professional geologist and volcanologist (MGeol, PhD). Helen has worked as a University lecturer for several years, teaching a diverse variety of geological courses and fieldtrips. She has provided consultation on curriculum reforms for GCSE and A-level geology, and scientific advice on various geo-hazards to authorities in the UK and Greece. Prior to this, Helen spent time in industry working as an Exploration Geologist, and was an outdoor activity instructor for many years. Helen has led fieldtrips and training courses in many parts of the world, and will be your expert guide on our Volcano Tours and trips. 


Volcano Tours and Trips

Volcanoes represent one of the most impressive and exciting natural phenomenon in the world. We want to share our passion for these incredible features, and by improving people's understanding of them we hope to reduce the threat they can pose.

All our volcano tours are led by a fully qualified and experienced professional volcanologist, with extensive subject and local knowledge. Our passion and expertise is unparalleled, allowing us to provide unique insight and access to places that are otherwise unavailable to the public.

Kinvig Geoscience are not a big umbrella corporation. We work closely with local communities and businesses, so you can be assured that if you take a trip with us, your money will be going to help local economies.

Geological Equipment and Resources

Our range of geological field equipment and resources were developed having recognised that items which are crucial to educational studies are often too expensive to be accessible to all. So we set about establishing a range of materials at affordable prices; including our very own Kinvig Geoscience compass clinometer.


Training Courses and Research Opportunities

Kinvig Geoscience understands the importance and need to keep learning and developing skills, especially in today’s competitive world. For many, the opportunities to do so can be limited. Kinvig Geoscience wants to help! We can provide the stepping stone needed to help you reach the next level in your career or studies.

We also think that geology is just pretty awesome in general - so why woudln't people want to learn about it for fun?!


We are currently working on ways to offer free scholarship placements on our summer volcano monitoring programmes, to provide opportunities for those who share our passion for volcanoes, but would not otherwise be able to afford to pursue such interests and studies.



Kinvig Geoscience strives to increase knowledge and encourage interest in Geoscience topics, though the provision of memorable, innovative and enjoyable educational experiences and resources.

Kinvig Geoscience specialise in volcano geo-tourism, the delivery of training courses in a variety of geological topics and methods, and the provision of educational resources and affordable geological equipment.


We cater for all ages and abilities, so whether you are a professional looking to increase your skillset, or an amateur enthusiast looking to satisfy your thirst for further knowledge and adventure, you have come to the right place!

We are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do, and this is reflected in our services. We don’t just aim to leave our customers feeling happy and satisfied; our goal is to leave you feeling inspired.


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 Led by an experienced 

 professional volcanologist, our 

  fun educational trips offer an 

  exciting and unique 

 holiday experience. 

 Visit an active volcano 
 with us, and have an 
 unforgettable adventure! 


 We have created a wide range

 of  essential equipment, 

 at student-friendly prices. 

 Why pay more? 

 A wide range of geological 
 field equipment and tools. 



 From fun educational activities 

 to do at home or in the class- 

 room, to revision aids, rock 

 samples and career 


 Resources and activities for 
 students and teachers - 
 Who says learning 
 can't be fun?! 


 Learn something new for fun, 

 or develop the skills you need 

 to reach the next stage 

in your career.

 Training courses for all
 ages and abilities,
 in a variety of  subjects